Billion streaming artist and composer.

Sequoia - from the new album 'Vessel Of Light'

Helen Jane Long

is the highest ever streaming female pianist in the world.  She is well known for her memorable cinematic compositions and beautiful heartfelt piano themes. Helen has written extensively for film and television, composing music for some of the worlds most lucrative brands.  As a recording artist, Helen Jane Long has released seven piano album.

Sequoia is the latest single released and is taken from Helen’s eighth piano album ‘Vessel Of Light’ due for release this year.

Visit our ‘concert’ page for tickets and tour information. As the current situation changes and improves, we hope to get shows back up and running again very soon.

The new single – it’s finally here! (August 2020)


  • Vessel of Light piano book 2020

  • Vessel of Light album 2020 (signed CD)

    Vessel of Light is the much anticipated eighth piano album by Helen Jane Long.  The cover artwork will remain hidden until one month before release day, although the colours on the pre-order are taken from a section of the artwork and that’s the only clue you’ll get for now!

    If you’re feeling creative, or like me, have as much creative talent as a rock but fancy a go anyway, then why not sketch, paint, collage whatever image inspires you from the title Vessel of Light. We will be uploading a collection of fans creations onto the Helen Jane Long website and the five most inspiring designs and their owners will get a limited edition goody bag.

    All hard copy pre-orders will land (gently without breaking) on your doorstep one  week before the official release date and will be signed by Helen Jane Long.  Happy creating!

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  • Intervention Piano Book

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    Includes the piano sheet music to accompany the album ‘Intervention’.

    1. Intervention
    2. Free
    3. Willow
    4. The Aviators
    5. Rainbow
    6. Fountain
    7. Elysa
    8. If I Could
    9. Passes
    10. Goodnight
    11. Renewed

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