Billion streaming artist and composer US TOUR 2019

Frog - From the beautiful film "Love is a Gift" Director Phil Beastall

Helen Jane Long

is one of the most popular and versatile British composers. She is well known for her memorable cinematic compositions. Helen has written extensively for film and television, composing music for some of the worlds most lucrative brands. As a recording artist, Helen Jane Long has released six piano albums and is the first ever billion streaming pianist in the US.

She will be touring the US in October 2019.  Visit our ‘concert’ page for tickets and information.

New 2020 concert dates to be announced soon for West Coast of US.


  • Intervention Piano Book

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    Includes the piano sheet music to accompany the album ‘Intervention’.

    1. Intervention
    2. Free
    3. Willow
    4. The Aviators
    5. Rainbow
    6. Fountain
    7. Elysa
    8. If I Could
    9. Passes
    10. Goodnight
    11. Renewed

  • Embers Piano Book

    Contains the piano scores to accompany the album ‘Embers’

    1. Embers
    2. One Day
    3. To Dust
    4. What If
    5. Mirror
    6. Absolute
    7. Everything
    8. Wishes
    9. Bells
    10. Besides
    11. Just


  • Porcelain piano book

    Contains all the piano sheet music from the album “Porcelain” and also includes a bonus track ‘Unseen’

    1. Porcelain
    2. Release
    3. Echo
    4. Stars
    5. Expression
    6. Lost Wind
    7. Doll
    8. Out Of It All
    9. Rockerbye
    10. Broken
    11. Eclipse
    12. Turn Away
    13. Through The Dark
    14. Unseen


  • Identity double vinyl

    Stunning double orange vinyl of ‘Identity’ to add to your collection.

  • Identity Piano Book

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    This book contains all the piano scores accompanying the ‘Identity’ CD / album.

    1. Survivor
    2. Flowers
    3. Ascension
    4. Isolation
    5. Storm Away
    6. When Angels Rise
    7. Identity
    8. Swiftly
    9. Light Up
    10. Out Of My Soul
    11. Talk Of An End


    Slightly boring yet VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE

    It is illegal by way of trade or otherwise, to photocopy, re-sell, hire out, store on any retrieval system, upload, download or circulate these scores in any format or on social media platforms or any version of the audio recordings associated to this book without prior written permission from BLE Music.

    Keep music alive, don’t kill it with piracy.

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Helen has worked with

  • Love Is A Gift Extremely proud to have my music used on this beautiful and touching film by Phil Beastall. read more
  • Recording Identity

    Recording is done in 3 hour blocks, with breaks in between.  The room can make a massive difference to how musicians play and having real daylight and not being trapped… read more
  • Perspective – recording the album

    Some things never change in recording sessions, like the requirement for lots of tea and coffee throughout the day. However, some things definitely do, such as positioning and layout of… read more
  • Scoring piano books

    One of the hardest things to do is score the piano music for my piano books.  Composing and playing my music is one thing, but to then transcribe it down… read more

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